How Can You Use Our Space?

Have you heard about us, but are you not sure how you can use our services? Confused by all the various services we offer? Hopefully this guide helps.

This guide is based on the age of your child:

Age 3 months-2.5 (and not potty trained):

Age 2.5 – 6 (potty trained):

Age 6-14:

  • Supervised Play – where we play with your child while you work in our Computer Room
  • Camp – where you drop off your child when there’s no school
  • Parents Night Out – where you drop off your preschooler on a Saturday night so you can enjoy a kid-free evening
  • After School Pick Up – where we pick up your child from school for an afternoon of play, arts & crafts, tutoring, and fun
  • Birthday Parties – where you celebrate with a hassle free private party