Supervised Play

We're bringing back Supervised Play!!

Do you need a place to work while your child is being taken care of? You will have a desk in our "computer room" where you can get some work done (or even take a nap!) and have free access to our wifi. Meanwhile, your child will play with us, listen to a story, do an art project, or even attend a class (based on availability).

- we will feed your child with food provided by you
- you will still be responsible for diaper changes and potty break

Fee is $12 per hour per child. Make your reservation by choosing the day and time you will arrive and then you will pay for the number of hours you use at the end of your time.  Service is available from 9:00-2:00 Monday-Friday for ages two months to 14y. Not available on days when Fairfax County does not have school because we will be having camp.