The Playzone

We have three different areas where kids can explore and play. Our playzone has something for active or quiet play and individual or collaborative play. There is something for everyone and every mood. The Playzone is available for open play every day during our regular business hours.

The playarea is a shoe-free zone to help keep it clean. Adults and children are required to wear socks. If you forget to wear socks, we have some for purchase for $2 a pair.


Our fully enclosed PLAYAREA features a village of three custom playhouses that allows for lots of imaginative play. The soft flooring made of rubber tiles ensures a safe foundation for crawling, walking and playing.

fb game

The GAME ROOM contains board games, puzzles, coloring books, trains and other manipulatives. Both children and adults enjoy the wide range of interesting games and toys we have in the game room.

fb garage

The GARAGE is our least decorated space, but seems to be a favorite among the kids AND adults because it's rare to find such a large open space with ride-on toys and a basketball hoop.

Admission Fee is based on the amount of responsibility our staff has for your child.

"Play With Me" fee: $10 1st child / $8 for 2nd / $5 for 3rd and more
You stay and play with your child/ren in our various play spaces. No time limit on how long you can stay. Available M-F 9:30-5:00, Sat 9:30-1, & Sun 12-3

"Supervised Play" fee: $20 1st child / $15 for each sibling for 1.5 hours
You stay in our lobby to work or meet with a friend while our staff plays with your kids. We will supervise your child so you can get some work done. However, you're still on diaper/bathroom and snack duty:). 3 hour limit available from 9:30-3:30 M-F.

Playarea Rules:

  • Hitting, pushing, biting will not be tolerated.
    • 1st offense: verbal warning
    • 2nd offense: a five minute break from the playarea
    • 3rd offense: expulsion from the playarea without a refund
  • Food or drinks are NOT allowed in the playarea.
  • Socks need to be worn by adults, children and babies.
  • Supervise your child at all times. (unless they are here for the Supervised Play service)
  • Please abide by our Good Health Guidelines:
    • For the safety and health of all children and staff, we ask that individuals remain at home if any of the following symptoms are observed within 24 hours of participation in activities at NoVA PlayLabs:
      • a. Fever b. Vomiting Diarrhea d. Discharge in or around the eyes  e. Runny nose f. Excessive cough g. Questionable rash h. Any communicable disease
    • If a child appears ill while in the care of NoVA PlayLabs, the parent will be notified immediately.
    • If a child contracts a disease following a session at NoVA PlayLabs, parents are asked to notify us so that other parents and staff may be informed.
    • Parents should report any allergies, medical conditions, or special needs pertaining to their child at the time of check-in.