Grade School Classes

Pickup Service may be available from your school: St. Veronica's, Oak Hill, and Lees Corner.

Excited to offer dance and ballet classes by Dance 4 U. Check our their schedule for Ballet, Hip Hop, and Tap.

STEAM: This is a class for kids who loved science as a little kid, but don't get a chance to explore, tinker, and be hands-on now because they are "big kids." Kids learn better when they can touch and be interactive with what they're learning about. A wide variety of STEM curriculum is offered: Color theory, magnets, life cycles of insects, animals and flowers, gravity, structures and light. Experiments, nature walks and sensory play are incorporated. For ages 5 and up.

Cooking/Art: Every week, we alternate between cooking and art.

Each cooking class with include a book and students will prepare food related to the story. Students will learn about math and science as they cook.

Each art class will also start with a book to introduce the artist and style of the artwork. Then students will make their own creation in the style of the artist.